Säveåns dalgång : hike, river and jungle atmosphere

This is a nice day-trip idea to escape from Gothenburg (Göteborg). The trail is easy and it takes about 2 hours to complete it (5km x 2). There are a lot of nice picnic spots along the way so you can spend more time and enjoy the beautiful scenery (highly recommended).

20140511_145122The trail follows the river starting from Floda (20 min from Gothenburg). It starts by going through a forest then a pasture were you can meet some curious sheeps. You will then reach a road with a parking on the other side. You should follow the road on the left, cross on the bridge. The trail continues on the other side of the river.

This part is the best part of the trail in my opinion. It has a bit of a jungle atmosphere to it with tall grass, wooden bridges, wooden stairs and angry river flow. (Indiana Jones anyone?:))

Continue walking on the trail untill you reach Hillefors with its grain-mill powered by the river. This is the end of the trail.

If you came to Floda by train you can take the train back to Gothenburg in Stenkullen (cross the bridge at Hillefors and follow the road “Hilleforsvägen till you reach the train station – 5 min)

If you came by car, you should walk the same trail back to the parking spot.

To get there :

  • By car : Floda – park at the end of the street “Garverivägen). The trail starts there along the river on the right.
  • By train : Take the train from Centralstation (train station) to Floda. Then walk to the end of the road “Garverivägen” (10 min). The trail starts there along the river on the right.

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