Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque : Muscat must-see!

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the one thing to not miss when visiting Muscat.

Truely majestic, this is one of the most beautiful Mosque I have visited.

DSC_9915Built by Sultan Qaboos (i.e the name), in only six years (between 1995 and 2001), the Mosque occupies a site of 416 000 square meters. It hosts the second largest hand-woven carpet and a spectacular crystal chandelier.
The carpet and chandelier can be seen in the main prayer room.

Notes :

  • You can visit the Mosque every day between 8:30am and 11:00 am (except on Friday – closed for tourists)
  • Wear covering clothes (long sleeve shirt, long pants). They will not let you enter if you are not dressed properly. Better be prepared.
  • Women (see above) and should wear a scarf to cover their hair.

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(Credit for the beautiful pictures : Claudine Severens, friend and travel companion. Thank you :))

To get there, you will need a car or a taxi.

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