Smaka (Göteborg) : Traditional Swedish food restaurant

When I first arrived to Gothenburg (Göteborg), I was so excited to try some traditional Swedish food. I knew very little (close to nothing) about Swedish cuisine.
It was not easy to find a good Swedish restaurant that a student wallet could afford but we finally stumbled about this amazing place…

kräftorSmaka is located near the main street “Avenyn” in a charming area called “Vasastan”. I have visited this restaurant during the first year I arrived in Sweden and I basically bring my family back each time they come visit me from France. They love it!

Swedish cuisine you say? The Swedish national dish, in my opinion, is : meatballs/mashed potatoes served with lingon berries sauce. Classic! If you are more a fish-lover, you could try the traditional Swedish fish-gratin. ( I should write a post on this topic)

For the more adventurous ones, they have reindeer meat or marinated herring.

Price range

Expect to pay between 150kr – 200kr for a main course

NB : As many restaurants in Sweden (almost all of them), there are vegan/vegetarian options available. Great country isn’t it? 🙂

To get there

Bus and tramway are the easiest way to get there. Bus stop “Vasaplatsen”. Check timetable and itinerary on Västtrafik


Address :
Vasaplatsen 3
411 25 Gothenburg
website :

(Credit for the beautiful crayfish picture : no changes made)

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