Muscat : What to see and do – Top 5

During my first road trip in Oman, we just skipped Muscat all-together to hit the road as fast as possible. Not so much of a city-lover you might say. 🙂
I only discovered Muscat during my second trip and I loved it! I had a really nice time there. If you are curious to know about my favorite places in Muscat, here is a post for you!


IMGP0092My five favorite places in Muscat :

  • The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque : I have said it before : Do not miss it! It is one of the most beautiful mosque I have seen. Majestic!
  • Muttrah souq :  A must-see for every traveler seeking the atmosphere of a “One thousand and one nights” traditional Arab market. Prepare to show off your bargaining skills!
  • Muttrah Corniche : I really enjoyed this place. The “Corniche” is the sea-front walk by the Muttrah souq. It has a nice relaxing atmosphere to it and a great juice bar.
  • Al Qurum : Great place to spent a chilling evening. Many restaurants, bars and coffee shop in the area. I can recommend Al Deyar (restaurant/bar/shisha). Popular among locals. Great atmosphere.
  • Omani French Museum : I am usually not fond of museums but I found this one interesting, especially the part where they reproduced a typical Omani interior. They also let you smell the “Amouage – Most expensive perfume in the world”…Museum anyone?:)


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(Credit for the beautiful pictures : Claudine Severens, friend and travel companion. Thank you :))


If you live in Muscat or have been to Muscat, please tell me about favorite places. I would love to hear about them and visit them someday 🙂

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