Arbois : Wine capital of Jura – France

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As you may or may not know, the French province of Jura is known for its amazing nature, Comté (cheese) and wine!

The most famous wines produced in Jura are Vin Jaune (“yellow wine”) and Vin de Paille (“straw wine”). If you haven’t tasted them, beware that they taste really special. I personally love it!

  • Vin Jaune is made from a grape called Savagnin. Tip : If you find Vin Jaune taste too strong, it is possible to find wines blending Savagnin grapes with other grapes like Chardonnay which make them lighter and easier to drink.
  • Vin de Paille is made from the ripest grapes (Savagnin, Chardonnay). The grapes are traditionally placed on straw mats for up to three months before entering the wine making process. Very unique taste.

Arbois – Jura wine capital

There is no better place to start a Jura trip than Arbois. Arbois is a very cute typical Jura village which happens to be the wine capital of the province. Yes, nothing less. 🙂

I spent a lovely afternoon exploring the village. A good tip is to park your car near the church. There is a little trail starting from the church which will guide you through Arbois and lead you to the nicest places. This is a well-marked, easy walk which takes about 30min – 1hour.

The trail starts at the church whose bell tower architecture is typical from Jura (Clocher Comtois).

The walk then continues along the river where you can see many cute houses and gardens.

Later, you will pass by the Pasteur House/Museum. Pasteur was a very famous French chemist who invented the pasteurization methods, rabies vaccine and much more. It is possible to visit his house as it is now a museum. Unfortunately, I was with my dog that day and couldn’t visit it.

Before going back to the starting point, you will pass by the heart of Arbois. Do not hesitate to sit down at a café and enjoy… It is vacation after all! You can (and should) also visit some of the many vineyard boutiques to try some of Arbois famous Vin Jaune/Vin de Paille. If you need tips on vineyards, I can maybe be of help 😉

I would be curious to hear if any of you have tried Vin Jaune (?) 🙂

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