Sentier des radeliers : Let’s go for a hike!

After a long drive from Sweden to France (2 days), the last thing we wanted to do was to take the car and drive some more. We (dog included) just wanted to put on our hiking boots and hit the trails as soon as possible. But where should we go?

While talking with the camping owners that morning, I got to hear about a 21km trail starting passing by the camping itself (no car needed – yay!) and supposed to be very nice. I didn’t need to hear more.. let’s do it!

The first part of the trail followed the river called “la Loue”. Very nice and easy path where our “fish-dog” (she should have been a fish. She loves water!) took a swim.

La Loue River

Dog taking a swim

The trail continues through the forest and follows the path on top of the hills. We got good landscape views over the river and crossed some cool bridges.

Along the trails, you can also find informative boards about the history of the area, botanic and legends. Very interesting. I especially liked the one about the forest legends with the White Lady. (no spoilers)

The third part of the trail crosses Chaux Forest (Forêt de Chaux) – the second largest forest in France. We didn’t have the chance to see any animals though, except a fox and some squirrels (a bit disappointed). Maybe our dog scared them all away 🙂

We then followed the path through the village of La Vieille Loye where we met new “friends”.

La VieilleLoye Friends

The last part took us to the most famous part of Chaux Forest : Les Baraques du 14. Cute little wooden shelters. I also got jealous of the kids going at the village’s school. They had “Tree climbing” in Chaux Forest as Sport Activity…It looked so cool! Climbing such tall trees! During my time in school, it was more “go play basketball” kind of activities…*insert jealousy*. 🙂

Baraques du 14

The last part of the trail, heading back to the camping, was a little long-ish in my opinion and we were quite happy to be back and relax. Even the dog was happy to find its bed again! We didn’t hear her the whole evening.

If you are in the area and want to walk the trail. The easiest is to start at “Baraques du 14”. It is well indicated from there. Take water and snacks with you as you will not pass by any shops along the trail. (We did the mistake and were quite hungry at the end :))

I still have the map of the trail. Don’t hesitate to email me if you need more info as I am not sure if I can post it (copyright).

And of course let me know if you walked it too 🙂


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