French Nigara falls – part 2 : Cascades des Tufs aux Planches

Another must-see in Jura and almost as impressive as Niagara falls…

…*almost* 🙂

I have already written about the most stunning waterfalls in Jura and although not as impressive as Herisson waterfalls, this one is my favorite. It is quite hidden and has a certain beauty to it.

After the long hike that we did the day before : Sentier des Radeliers . We decided to spend a day sightseeing and driving around in Jura. Our dog was also happy to relax her paws after all the running around (so much to see, so much to smell!)

We arrived quite late at the waterfalls (Cascades des Tufs aux Planches) as we got a bit lost on the way, but it was actually a good thing since we were the only one there! We had the whole site for ourselves…

As soon as the car stopped, my boyfriend and our dog went to meet our new friends. Granted our dog was more interested in running after them than befriending with them but oh well, dogs are dogs after all… 🙂

The main waterfall is just a 15 minutes walk away from the parking lot and it is quite stunning…

Too bad we didn’t have our swimming suits otherwise it would have been fun to go under the waterfall or close to it to take a shower “au naturel” 🙂

For the more adventurous ones, there are many trails in the area but I would especially recommend you to do the one following the river. Many cute waterfalls.

Sadly, as it was quite late we didn’t have the time to explore more this area but if we are visiting again this will be for sure a stop on our list and I am sure that our “fish-dog” (she loves jumping in every water pool) wouldn’t disagree.

Let me know if you have been there too or have some tips on the surrounding trails. It would be fun (or not) to hear what we missed… 🙂

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