Introducing Baumes-Les-Messieurs

We spent the afternoon visiting the cute little village of Baumes-Les-Messieurs (Jura – France) and apparently we were not the only ones thinking that as Baumes-Les-Messieurs has actually been elected as one of the “Most beautiful villages in France”. This very selective list only counts 156 villages in France and this make Baumes-Les-Messieurs a must-see when visiting  Jura.

Now for the “fail” moment of the day! There is always one. Living in Sweden where you can eat in town at any time of the day, I forgot that in France we do have separated lunch-time and dinner-time. So, when we arrived after our morning hike at 15 o’clock in Baumes-Les-Messieurs, tired and desperately hungry, we only found closed doors…only cafes were open.


After asking everywhere, we finally found a cafe which had some salads and small snacks available. Saved!

Fed and happy, we headed out to finally explore the village and its famous monastery. Look how cute it looks…

As usually, we headed on a spontaneous hike even though we were supposed to relax. I will never learn how to always be prepared (handbag and no water)… I saw a trail sign and before we knew it we were heading to the top of the cliffs! It was a steep climb and under the heat, I quickly regretted my handbag. Was the view worth it, you may ask. Well keep reading my friends…

When we arrived at the top expecting an epic view…nothing! The view was blocked by trees and bushes… Second fail of the day -_-

Luckily there are plenty of trails running on the plateau and we spotted another hike promising another *super awesome* view… This is a typical “you came too far to turn back” situation…obviously…we went for it.

And we finally did have a great view over the valley… 🙂

*Note that only the dog knows how to look when pictures are taken 🙂 *

So what do you think? Worth a visit?

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