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Cappadocia Me

When I was little, my first and only travel dream was to go to Australia and meet kangaroos (I was a big fan of Skippy :)). Granted, I didn’t know much about the world but that’s probably when my travel itch started. I had to go to Australia!

Sadly I haven’t been to Australia yet (*still saving*) but one thing is sure : the more you travel, the more you want to keep traveling. You know, this syndrome : You barely finished your vacations that you start planning the next ones.

Since my first travel, my to-do list hasn’t stopped getting longer and longer. It is so long that I wonder if I haven’t forgotten my first “to-do’s” which is a shame because they probably were awesome!

It is always fun to see how your goals and aspirations evolve as you become a more experienced traveler. My first travel experiences were “beach resorts” vacations and so were my dream vacations at that point : “beach, pool, food”. Heaven!
I don’t mean that beach resorts are not good, in fact they are really relaxing but my interests have evolved. I discovered the outdoors and I discovered that I love hiking. And if you start thinking about all the amazing trails around the globe to explore.. well it’s about how long my dream bucket list is.

Luckily I am also (slightly) realistic and have shorten it to make it more do-able and readable.

Don’t worry, my childhood dream to go to Australia is still on it. I might keep it till the last moment for a  “Grand Final”! An ultimate “Bucket List Done” celebration travel! Even though I am pretty sure, travel bucket lists can never be totally accomplished. It is dark magic at work which keep them getting longer. 🙂

My ultimate travel bucket list

Realistic goals

  • Hike Tour du Mont-Blanc (Alps, France/Italy/Switzerland)
  • Step in all five continents
  • Drive the Ring Road in Iceland
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
  • and .. do a safari in Tanzania
  • Backpack in South America
  • Go trekking in Nepal
  • Volunteer in Africa
  • Hike Kungsleden (Sweden – Lapland)
  • Take yoga classes in India
  • Visit a tropical island (Snorkeling)
  • Dive in the red sea and see sharks (Egypt)
  • Go canyoning in Zion canyon (USA)
  • Explore New Zealand (Lord of the rings anyone?)
  • Visit all European capitals

Dreamer goals

  • Step in Antarctica
  • Summit Mont-Blanc (Highest peak in Europe)
  • Cross the Sahara by camel
  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

and while we are at it

  • Visit all countries in the world
  • Summit all mountains in the world
  • Go to the moon

And for my grand final – childhood dream

  • Meet Skippy (or its friends) in Australia

I am sure this list will get longer but I hope to cross out most of them in the future (ok, maybe not all my “dreamer goals” :D).

I would be curious to hear about your dream destination… 🙂

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