Lexby : Discover the Swedish countryside (Swedish Sunday #3)

In this “Swedish Sunday” post, I want to take you with me on a tour in classic Swedish countryside landscapes. Not the usual snowy landscapes that usually come to mind when you think about Sweden…but the summery, colorful and lively Swedish countryside. Curious? Come have a look 🙂

DSC_0127(1)Not far from Gothenburg (Göteborg) lies a very cute village called Lexby. It is a great departure place for many walks but the best part of it is the “farm area”. They recreated a classic Swedish landscape by gathering different types of farms and classic craftsmanships like woodworking, smithing and bee-keeping.

I had the chance to visit Lexby during its “family day”. There were a lot of happenings :

  • Horse riding
  • Lamb farm visit
  • Beekeeping introduction
  • Woodworking show
  • Blacksmith demonstration
  • Dog agility
  • Open greenhouse
  • Geocaching
  • Dance to classic Swedish music
  • Swedish food and delicacies (yummy)

DSC_0143We had a really great time there (even our dog enjoyed herself on the agility course!). Maybe locals might find it a little boring and have seen the cute red wooden houses a thousand times before but for a foreigner like me, it is truly special. I love the Swedish countryside! It is so different from France and everything looks so…cute and picture perfect.
I would usually recommend going to Dalsland or Småland for their beautiful Swedish countryside landscapes but Lexby is a great alternative if you are visiting Sweden for the first time and happen to be in the Gothenburg area (or are living in Gothenburg and want to go on a day-trip away from the city).

I will post the date/program of the next “Lexby familjedag” when it is available, it is really worth the visit 🙂

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To get there

  • By train : Many trains go from “Centralstation” – Gothenburg to “Lexby”. Check the timetables on Västtrafik website
  • By car : It is only a 13 min drive from Gothenburg

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9 responses to “Lexby : Discover the Swedish countryside (Swedish Sunday #3)

  1. I suppose I should know about Lexby since I’ve lived in the west of Sweden for a long time now and in Göteborg for 3-ish years but I have no idea. It looks nice, however.

    • Tack så mycket Susanne 😉 It is not well-known indeed and we stumbled upon it a bit randomly. (“Beekeeping interest” kindof randomly). It is a “Swedish countryside landscape” condensed in one place. Very cute 🙂 I saw that you blog about places in Sweden that you love. I will definitely have a look at it. I am always looking forward to discovering more of this beautiful country.

      • LOL, I mostly blog about the area that I live in, with its surroundings, because I rarely have time to go anywhere else (well that would be Uddevalla where I work). or my garden. But I’ll post about Dalarna soon, and then Italy. You’re very welcome to visit my blog however. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this nice comment David! I would be curious to know from which part of Sweden your ancestors came from (?) 🙂

      • I wish I knew! My grandfather died in 1947. It was his parents who made the transit in the 1880s. I never met him. Now I wish I would have learned more from my grandmother! His name was Rudolf Dahlstrom 🙂

      • It is so cool that you know about your ancestors, especially in the 19e century! I should definitely do some research on my ancestors. I can give you a random fact. I suppose that Dahlstrom should be spelled Dahlström. In Swedish Dal means valley and Ström means river/stream. It doesn’t give any information on where it could come from in Sweden but it gives you the meaning of his name :). Cheers from Sweden!

  2. What a beautiful place! The restrictions of our passport and travelling with kids is quite a challenge. Someday, I hope to visit Lexby with the family. Thanks foe liking ouR Disney post.

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