Bimmah Sinkhole (Oman) : World most beautiful sinkhole

Described as the most stunning sinkhole on the planet by the DailyMail, Bimmah sinkhole is one of the must-see’s when visiting Oman. Adventurous travelers, here we go!

I visited Bimmah sinkhole during my second trip in Oman. I was on a road-trip with a friend of mine through Oman and as we were on our way to Sur, we decided to stop by and take a look.

Everyone who has traveled around in Oman knows, it is not easy finding your way as the translations from Arabic can be somewhat different between signs and maps. It is often a game of guessing. That is why, I will give you my tips on how to get there…

To get there

By car : From Muscat, take the highway towards Sur and look for the “Bimmah Sinkhole” exit sign. Exit the highway. You will reach a T-crossing. You should turn left and not right (even if there is a “Bimmah” sign pointing that way. The sinkhole is the other way) Do not get tricked like us 🙂

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